Playing padel tennis has several benefits for your overall health. While of course, you move up your fitness journey, you look and feel good. And no wonder, the sport has garnered so much popularity in the last year or so. And with this in mind, let’s bring forward the top benefits of including this sport in your routine.

The real top-level benefits of playing padel tennis?

It wouldn’t be a new piece of information if we tell you that playing a rigorous sport has multiple benefits on your overall health. But playing padel tennis in specific can offer you a tad bit more.

  • Improved coordination and reflexes
  • Development of endurance & agility
  • Increase in body strength

Improved Coordination and Reflexes

Padel is a team sport and the need for suitable coordination and reflex action is important. When you start playing and begin to develop a playing strategy, your ability to coordinate thoroughly also increases.

Playing padel regularly can significantly enhance your ability to coordinate with others. Since padel tennis is played in a relatively small court, with two players on each side of the court, the exigency to maintain lightning reflexes is paramount. And as you know, these can be extremely useful and can be applied across all aspects of your life.

Development of Endurance & Agility

Any padel tennis player develops great endurance as a by-product whilst playing the sport. The rigorous training and constant engagement with the sport, can help overcome lethargy and tiredness. Adopting the practice of padel is extremely beneficial as you not only enjoy several health benefits, you supercharge your body with a fundamental increase in body endurance.

As our bodies age, it may begin to lose some of its functional abilities. However, playing padel can be a great way to incorporate an adequate and disciplined healthy routine, hence increasing your agility and help you maintain balance, which can be extremely beneficial to you in the long run.

Increase in Body Strength

As you know, playing any sport demands physical strength. And in playing padel, the shots that you strike to play require intense physical effort. The chosen strokes that are played require intense physical assay and labour, both in the lower and upper body.

For your serve to commence, the primary muscle groups of your lower body; your hip muscles, your calves, and your ankle are engaged & activated. These then are constantly stretched and contracted throughout the game.

At the same time, playing this sport increases your upper body strength. Your core is engaged throughout and immense force is required for your muscle groups in your arms and shoulders. Since all the core muscle groups are engaged, padel is a wholesome sport that is beneficial for your overall physical health and endurance.

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