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Be driven to redefine limits and set new standards at Ballers, a state-of-the-art fitness center located in Downtown Dubai.

Padel Tennis

Challenge your friends to a thrilling game of padel in front of Burj Khalifa



Celebrate every goal in the heart of Downtown Dubai.


Ballers Fitness

Programming that challenges you.



Bring out your inner zen Revitalize mind and body.



Try rugby with a view.



Padel Tennis Academy

Designed to guide a player through the many development stages of the Padel Tennis game.



Ballers Development Academy

Ballers Football Academy combines simple yet proven coaching principles with high performance technology to develop the perfect young athlete.



Ballers Performance Academy

The Performance Academy at BALLERS is run by Bacary Sagna & Created to level-up football skills and rising athletes.



Rugby Academy

Unlock your rugby potential, at Ballers we provide a structured & engaging environment that maximises the learning experience of our player & coaches.


Be part of our community

At Ballers, we are more than a sports hub, we are a community of passionate and progressive individuals, brought together by a shared love of sports.

Play amidst beautiful scenary

Whichever your sport of choice is, make the most of your time playing under the majestic Burj Khalifa whilst also making new friends!

Get access to our expert trainers and coaches

Be guided by our experts who’ll guide you to realize your potential and boost your development.

Health and safety guidelines

Strict adherence to health and safety guidelines throughout our premises ensures everyone’s safety and wellbeing

get social

The Ballers sports community is a great way to make new friends and widen your social circle.

Ballers cafe

Have you visited the Ballers cafe yet?

Relax and refuel with a range of delicious gourmet options at Ballers Café. From the freshest coffees and beverages to a selection of healthy treats, our café caters to a variety of tastes.

Ballers Programs

Designed and reinvented to boost your body and provide fun workouts.

Yin Yoga

Wind down with Ballers Yin Yoga Classes Ballers Yin yoga is the ideal class to help you relax and de-stress. Our long-held poses will help you turn your body and release tension in the hips, pelvis, inner thighs, and lower spine. You can hold each pose for up to five minutes, giving you plenty of time to really feel the benefits. In addition to releasing tension, this class will also help tone the lower body.

Morning Stretch

Looking for a way to start your day that will help you feel centered and energized? Ballers offers a morning stretch class suited for all levels of experience, whether you are at the beginning of your yoga journey or an experienced yogi. The class uses classical yoga postures and deep stretches to awaken the muscles in the body. This also helps with muscle recovery, and you can expect to leave the class feeling centered and energized.

Yoga Stretch

Feeling sore or stiff? Or maybe you just want a relaxing stretch? Ballers is the perfect place to help you recover and feel your best. We offer Deep Stretch yoga classes that are perfect for all levels of experience. What’s more, these classes help relax and lengthen muscles, thereby reducing the risk of injury and enhancing performance.


45min Core and Cardio Fat burn. A low-impact program designed to strengthen the core and build the cardiovascular rate. A High-Calorie burn


A program designed to build lean muscle and help protect the risk of injury to keep the body strong and healthy by using a progressive overload method of training.


Cross training circuit based programming, giving you high volume,Cardio, and strength elements for a complete workout experience.


BoxFit is a 45 min boxing-inspired class that is programmed around bodyweight and boxing combinations. Get a good sweat while burning mass calories.


At Ballers, we give you the flexibility to design and develop a membership program that is most suited to you and your schedule and fitness plan.